Designed and developed by a Cornwall based designer Bradley Clark Intospheres produces versatile, modular & scalable; permanent & temporary homes & indoor spaces, which are suitable for diverse & challenging environments (land and water), and both affordable and premium markets. It’s quick construction, sustainable credentials and ability to go on any surface, in any environment makes Intospheres an innovative solution accommodation and space needs in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

Intospheres is a modular, scalable, mobile, floating accommodation structure. Each unit is octagonal in shape with an eight-metre diameter, a spherical float at each corner point and an internal central hemisphere float. It’s built using a steel frame construction, with a lightweight and highly insulated infill.

The cross-member construction makes it modular, which enables individual Intospheres to be connected, and therefore scalable depending on the size requirement and needs of the
individual client.

The structure is made from marine grade stainless steel tubing connected with Build All Connectors Systems (multifunctional brackets). The tubing can also be manufactured in aluminum / other metallic composites, which would suit environments that require a lighter material construction. This steel frame construction with lightweight, insulated wooden infill wall panels, large windows, which provide solar gain and an ETFE roof, makes Intospheres light, portable, strong and sustainable.

The modules, frames and fixtures use high quality materials, which can be changed depending on the specific client requirement, in terms of purpose and location. All internal fittings where possible, will be locally and commercially sourced.

Intospheres Production Centre